Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lil' Ladies

WARNING: this post is going to be a mess. Thank you for your patience :)
Although my girls will always be my little babies, they are growing up so fast. 19 MONTHS!!! They are turning into little toddlers more and more each day. They are walking, running, talking (only to each other) and exploring everything. It is still my favorite thing to just sit back and watch them. They truly are the best entertainment. They are so full of personality and kind of weird (in a good way). When I say they are only talking to each other I mean talking in their own language. It sounds like Japanese and I swear they know exactly what the other is saying. Their facial expressions just add to the mix. Kyla sticks out her lips and is very serious, and Mya crinkles her nose as if saying "huh?" all the time. I am so afraid that one day the words are going to start spilling out and they will loose this language. I know this is probably what will happen, and when I least expect it. Even though it may make things easier when they can tell me what they need, but I am SO going to miss hearing them jabber.
They understand just about everything, and are the best little helpers. They can find the tiniest little speck on the carpet, and run over to hand it to you. They love to clean themselves and the table when they are done eating as well as everything else. You give them a damp rag and they will go to town. Even though Mya started out bullying Kyla, she is now such a sweet heart. She brings her sister toys, her blanket, or a book to read. She still wants everything Kyla has, but we are working on waiting her turn. This is not going well because Kyla gives it up so easily. They are beginning to play with each other and love to wrestle.
They love books!! When we are home they read books just as much or more than they play with their toys. They love books with pictures of babies or cookies in them. They love to give the babies kisses and pretend to eat the cookies.
Kyla loves to play dress-up. It doesn't matter if it a coat, my shirt, or a towel she drapes it over her and prances around. They both love to put things on their heads. They will not keep a head band on when I put it on them, but if they find one and do it themselves it stays on for a while. They also looooove bracelets and chapstick.
I almost forgot!! HALLOWEEN!! Drew and I were Bonnie and Clyde and our girls were our bags of money. It turned out awesome and the girls did pretty good with their costumes. They did not like the hats, but they didn't mind the stuffed pillow case. We went to only 3 houses due to weather and ringing the doorbell was the highlight. It was a lot of fun!!
Everyday is an adventure and brings something new. They are so much fun and continue to melt my heart. I will try to add more and keep up to date.


  1. What a great update! And such fun pics of them reading! They crack me up. And I didn't know about the way they are working on sharing. Love it!